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Pivot Vault Review, Red Kite Prayer

04.24.2017 | News

Pivot Vault Review: Can one bike do it all?

Check out this Pivot Vault review from Red Kite Prayer : One bike that truly does it all. Also, follow the adventures of Sprintin Kitten Racing as they take the Pivot Vault through 4 seasons of drop bar racing and training.

Pivot Vault is one bike for four seasons


About the Pivot Vault:

The Pivot Vault is a competition-ready cyclocross machine that eagerly doubles as your all-season stage racer. Whether you plan to throw down in gravel events, the local crit series or if your favorite race is the one against sundown – when your rides include every possibility – the Vault’s go-anywhere, do-anything personality means that you can pare your quiver of drop-bar bikes down to just this one perfect ride.

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