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Pinkbike’s Mach 5.7 Review

12.05.2011 | Online Media


Richard Cunningham is back at it again, this time with a review of the Mach 5.7. The bottom line? ” For those searching for a dedicated park bike that is also capable of trail riding, however, Pivot’s 5.7 falls short. While it is capable of shredding mid-mountain Whistler-type trails such as A-Line, the lack of a through-axle rear end and a dedicated chain guide belie the fact that the DNA of the Mach 5.7 comes from trail bike roots. If your DNA and the Mach 5.7 are a match, then its stiff, lightweight chassis, bomb-proof handling and smooth-rolling suspension will be your secret weapon should you find yourself surrounded by big bikes and full-face helmets with a couple of thousand feet of vert’ below your front wheel.”

The full review can be found here.

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