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Outside Online: Size Specific Mountain Bikes – Sizes Small and Extra Small

07.12.2017 | News


Pivot Is committed to making sizes to fit every rider, including sizes small and extra small.

“Every woman’s challenge is finding gear that fits. That’s the point of women-specific gear design: We don’t necessarily need gear that performs differently than the men’s stuff. We just need it to fit us—and gear that’s built for a size medium or large man often doesn’t.”

Chris Cocalis “wants his bikes to feel like magic to every rider, not just the 5’11” guys.”

“That’s what gets me so excited,” says Cocalis. “When you put someone on the bike that really fits them, it makes them a better rider, a more confident rider. It’s about having more fun.”

Full review here.

Pivot makes seven models in size extra small (size XS):

Mach 4 Carbon
LES 27.5
Mach 5.5 Carbon

Mach 5.5 Carbon
Mach 6 Carbon
Mach 6 Aluminum

Gravel Grinder/CX:
Vault Carbon


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