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Mountain Bike Action’s Mach 5.7 Review

04.04.2011 | Online Media


“The Mach 5, one of our favorite trailbikes since we tested the first version in 2008, got a complete makeover for 2011. But what was this .7 stuff? The Mach 5.7 got less than an inch of additional travel, which seemed to position it in some weird no man’s land between true 6-inch-travel, all-mountain bikes and sporty 5-inch-travel trailbikes. After hitting one home run after another with bikes like the venerable Mach 5, the continually sold-out Mach 429 29er, and the long-travel Firebird that won’t allow a 4-inch-travel bike to leave it on the climbs, Pivot’s Mach 5.7 looked at best to be a solid line drive to center. Not so. Pivot swings for the fence and again connects.”

Head to MBA’s website for the full review.

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