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MBA Reviews Pivot’s 2015 Mach 4 Carbon: Redefining Riding

06.17.2014 | Online Media


Now in its 4th generation, the Pivot Mach 4 Carbon was introduced at the snow-covered 2014 PressCamp and rolls on 27.5” wheels, features 4.5 inches of travel, and introduces the next generation of race/trail geometry—all paired with the lightest full-suspension frame Pivot have ever made. Whether you are a pure XC racer looking for something nimble, with the acceleration of 26” wheels and the rolling speed of a 29er, or a trail rider that wants something fast and responsive yet stable, the Mach 4 is going to appeal to you.


Read the full review here: http://mbaction.com/home-page/pivots-2015-mach-4-carbon-redefining-riding

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