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XS Mach 4 Carbon Review: the Best Small Women’s MTB?

02.23.2017 | News


The Smallest, Best Women’s Mountain Bike?

Leah Barber is a small, woman MTB rider who has been on the hunt for just the right mountain bike and was super excited to undertake the XS Mach 4 Carbon review for Singletracks.com. “For years I’ve struggled to find a bike that is light, capable, and most importantly, fits all 5-feet, 0-inches of my petite self.” “So imagine my delight when I found out Pivot makes a trail bike, the Mach 4 Carbon, that has the lowest standover of any 27.5” suspension bike made.”

What was her final take in the XS Mach 4 Carbon Review?

Says Leah, “If you’re on any one extreme end of the spectrum size-wise, then you totally get my frustrations of ill-fitting bikes and the hassle of having to customize so many details. Pivot has won my appreciation for getting the geometry spot-on for my fellow Lilliputians. But to all the giants reading this, there is one takeaway about the Pivot Mach 4 you should know: Efficiency. You’ll notice it in the near-effortless climbing and in the remarkable stability as you barrel down hills. Not too much travel, not too little. Juuuuust right.

The Mach 4 Carbon is like two bikes in one. Some days you just want sprint laps at your local trails. And other days you have bigger adventures planned with challenging tech and hella-fun downhills.  Fortunately, with the Mach 4 Carbon there’s no need to commit to a single ride style, you can enjoy both cross country and trail riding!”

We at Pivot Cycles believe that we make the best women’s mountain bikes, period. We offer Size XS in our LES 27.5, Mach 4 Carbon, Switchblade, Mach 6 Carbon and Mach 6 Aluminum models.

A Fit that Enhances Your Skill Set

  • At Pivot, we believe the bike should fit the rider, not the other way around. Our approach to rider-size-specific geometry relies on a balanced fit and adjusted geometry to maintain correct wheelbase length and handling to properly accommodate the proportions of a smaller rider.
  • Our smaller sizes are built with shorter head tubes to create more stand-over height. This enables you to ride in a centered, athletic position with tons of clearance over the top tube – essential to descending and cornering with confidence and speed.
  • Size-specific carbon molds enable us to use smaller diameters and unique carbon layups for lighter frames while maintaining the same high strength in a more compact frame design. We can give you the same pedaling efficiency and stiffness experience as a rider of any size by engineering specifically for small and extra small frames.
  • Compact frame designs lower the center of gravity for better high speed stability and increased rider confidence in the rough stuff. Pick your line and tackle it on a Pivot.
Pivot_mach4_carbon_bike_small_womens_mountain_bike Pivot_mach4_carbon_bike_small_womens_mountain_bike

See the entire review here, check out the Mach 4 Carbon, here.

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