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Outside Magazine Six Month Review: Six-Month Review: Pivot Mach 429 SL Carbon

03.02.2016 | Online Media


Aaron Gulley is Outside Online’s premier bike tester – he rode the Mach 429SL Carbon for six months and had this to say:

“It’s svelte enough to take on an XC World Cup course, but also plenty compliant and confident to deal with steep, rubble-choked chutes and full-on rock obstacles. On one of the burliest trails in Santa Fe, which had me walking in the past on short-travel bikes, I was able to roll through tight switchbacks stuffed with loose rocks and down a couple of five-foot rock drops.”

“This short-travel 29er isn’t just the most technologically advanced race bike on the market. It’s also way more fun than most cross-country rigs.

Read his full review, here.

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