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Mach 4 Carbon review! What makes a great women’s mountain bike?

02.01.2017 | News

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Mountain Flyer Magazine’s Trina Ortega is 5’2″ with a 28″ inseam. She’s struggled for years to find a great full suspension bike that fits and rides as well as the bikes her taller friends ride. In this Mach 4 Carbon review, she tests what makes a great women’s mountain bike.

“I want what everyone else is offered: the rolling advantage of the bigger wheel. Along with that, I want a full suspension, light weight, superior handling bike with high-quality parts (or at least the option to click and buy the top end build). It got me wondering: Does such a bike exist in my size? Pivot’s extra small Mach 4 Carbon erased all my doubts,” said Trina.

Trina feels that marketing often obscures great bike design, saying “I think it’s a reflection of how a company views its clients — are they discerning riders first, worthy of every design effort possible? Or are they just people with money to spend? That’s about respect. At the end of the day, I want the bike I want: a lightweight trail bike with an efficient suspension platform, precise handling, standover clearance, and a respectable build. From my very first ride on the Mach 4, Pivot won me over on all fronts.”

Get all of Trina’s story here!

Mountain Flyer Mach 4 Carbon Review

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