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First Ride: The All-New Trail 429 From Pivot Cycles

05.25.2018 | BikesEnduro--TrailOnline MediaXC--Trail

Setting out to redesign your most popular full suspension bike must be an incredibly daunting task. Get it right, and you can potentially turn a great bike into an even greater bike. Get it wrong however, and you have a very real risk affecting a substantial portion of your sales.

Pivot Cycles isn’t exactly a brand that does things half-arsed just for the sake of it though. And in this case, the Arizona-based company has decided to throw caution to the wind with its move to replace the Mach 429 Trail with an entirely new bike called the Trail 429.

But let’s wind things back a bit.

Read the whole review here: https://singletrackworld.com/2018/05/first-ride-review-the-pivot-cycles-trail-429/

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