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First Ride on the Pivot Shuttle

04.13.2018 | Bikes

Europe has been enjoying the Pivot Shuttle for some time now, while Pivot fans in the U.S. have been forced sit back and wait. With some trepidation, Pivot decided it was time to unleash their first eMTB on their home turf. Well unleash isn’t quite the right word. More like quietly open the pen gate. Pivot opted for a soft launch, letting consumers and dealers request the bike, rather than shoving it down people’s throats. No doubt a move meant to tread lightly in these tumultuous times. We found out that a local shop, Newbury Park Bikes, just got delivery of new Shuttles, so we kidnapped the Ben, the owner’s, new baby for a chance to see just what our European brethren had been going on about.

Read more: http://theloamwolf.com/2018/04/04/pivot-shuttle-first-ride-review/

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