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Ellen Butler, Boulder, CO

05.19.2015 | Uncategorized

My husband built my new Pivot XS Mach 6 Carbon as a surprise present (I am 4’10 with a 27″ inseam). I would have never ordered this nice of a bike myself, figured I didn’t really NEED something so fancy since I wasn’t racing anymore.

Before the Pivot, I used to get so frustrated trying to keep up. (NOTE: This was all self imposed, he is a great guy and never pressures me to ride beyond my comfort level) After the first ride I know this bike was going to be a game changer. We had the first of many fun and enjoyable rides together. I can keep up better and ride more confidently over sections that used to be intimidating. I used to avoid riding with him, now I look forward to spending time on the trails with my sweetie. We are looking forward to many more rides and adventures up to the resorts together this summer!

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