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“Prom queen looks and street fighter capability, the Pivot Firebird shocked me on many levels.”

06.01.2017 | News


Dirt Mountain Bike Firebird review – did they love it?

The notoriously tough testers at Dirt tested the Firebird on multiple tracks, including a challenging enduring race. “The speed of this bike across the ground is phenomenal. In corners, pushing through breakers, popping off lips, gripping cambers, this bike is superb. That’s two big words in two sentences. But phenomenal and superb is what this bike is.”

“As a round up then is the Pivot worth the bread and butter? Totally. Yes seven thousand pounds is a massive sum of money but man you are getting a great bike here. A boutique bike that works for a change. Nice.”

Full review here.

Dirt Mountain Bike reviews the Firebird


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