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Zack Griendling

Production Engineer/Product Manager
Riding Style: Style-less
Bike(s): Vault

  1. Where are you from?

    I’ve lived all over: Virginia, Colorado, Georgia, Arizona

  2. Where is your all-time favorite trail or area?

    South Mountain

  3. What do you do here anyway?

    I keep track of everything relating to each project including parts, timelines, and pricing. I also create the technical drawing for new parts and frames.

  4. How did you wind up at Pivot?

    I worked in the cycling industry for about the past 4 years and got to know Chris over that time. Once I was ready to start looking for a new job, I saw that Pivot had an opening and I reached out to Chris. Before long, I was moving cross country to the great state of Arizona.

  5. If I gave you a bowl of ice cream, what would you put on it?

    Caramel is always a solid choice, but gummy bears are definitely a personal favorite.

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