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Kevin Tisue

Director of Engineering
Riding Style: Whatever it takes
Bike(s): Mach 6, Phoenix, secret new projects

  1. Where are you from?

    I grew up in near San Francisco, CA, and went to school at Chico State north of there before moving to Utah where I’ve pretty much lived ever since. I now live in Park City.

  2. Where is your all-time favorite trail or area?

    There are so many good trails! One of my favorites, and one of my main test rides is the Porcupine Rim/Whole Enchilada trail system in Moab, UT. It’s always a good time!

  3. What do you do here anyway?

    My business card says I’m the “Director of Intergalactic Engineering and Rotational Experimentation!” which I guess is true. A little more formally, I’m the Director of Engineering. In general, I help with the initial design, create the prototype layout of the bikes, help move things towards production and keep the other designers headed in the right direction. Chris and I have worked together for a long time, something like 15 years now, so I’m pretty good at knowing what he might or might not like.

  4. How did you wind up at Pivot?

    I’ve been with Pivot from the beginning. I worked with Chris before Pivot even existed (at Titus) and wanted to work with him when Pivot was created. We designed the first Pivots from our living rooms.

  5. If I gave you a bowl of ice cream, what would you put on it?

    I think some chocolate, and probably some more chocolate, and then maybe a little more chocolate, maybe some peanut butter. Oh, and let's not forget some whipped Cream.

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