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Chris Cocalis

Riding Style: Aggressively calculated
Bike(s): Mach 6, Mach 429, Mach 4, M4X, Vault and a bunch that don’t exist... yet

  1. Where are you from?

    Chicago, Illinois

  2. Where is your all-time favorite trail or area?

    Moab, Hazard County to Porcupine Rim and Phoenix's own South Mountain, National Trail.

  3. What do you do here anyway?

    I am a professional e-mail typer/CEO.

  4. How did you wind up at Pivot?

    I think it was more like Pivot wound up with me.

  5. If I gave you a bowl of ice cream, what would you put on it?

    Strange question. I would put the bowl on the table and the ice cream in my mouth.

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