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Brendon Voelker

East Coast Demo Driver
Riding Style: XC & Endurance
Bike(s): Mach 429sl

  1. Where are you from?

    Rowlett, TX

  2. Where is your all-time favorite trail or area?

    Palo Duro Canyon State Park

  3. What do you do here anyway?

    I drive a bunch of bikes around the eastern half of the country and let people test them out

  4. How did you wind up at Pivot?

    Well, I crashed on a Mach 4 at Hawes during a dealer camp in early 2015 and when I applied for the job, I guess they felt bad for me. As a result, I am now the East Coast Demo Driver and commonly referred to as "scabs" when Daniel is around.

  5. If I gave you a bowl of ice cream, what would you put on it?


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