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09.05.2014 | News


“After Windham, we re-boxed all the bikes and pinned it out to Whistler for the biggest event/festival of the year!”

“The first event up for us was the Air DH…. Eliot and myself decided to do a train. We also had a couple of our friends tag along the back; the crowd went wild!”

“Next up was by far our favourite event: the whip off!!!! Eliot and myself both pushed hard and smashed out as many runs as possible in the heat! After both making it to the finals and feeling like our whips were up there, we were both a bit disappointed not to make the top 5. I still got crowd favourite at the event, along with Brendan Fairclough.”

“Another super fun event was the slalom for me, and after feeling great in the opening rounds, I found myself up against Barry Nobles, pro bmxer and the pump track winner from the night before. I put up a strong fight but he just nudged me out.”

“The last event was the big one—the Canadian open DH with $10,000 at stake! The track started off with moist dirt and in perfect condition, but with sun coming in strong and riders putting in runs, it soon became extremely dry and rough!! Eliot put down a solid run to come in 15th ahead of some good riders in a strong field. I have always felt good on this track and new I could do well; after a few mistakes in the top, I pushed hard and put down a near perfect bottom section coming down into the hot seat and finishing in 4th just 2.5 seconds off the win!”

Pivot congratulates our Factory Team for their success at Crankworx, and to Bernard for his invitation to Red Bull Rampage!

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