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Phoenix Component System

Pivot Cycles takes the next step in complete mountain bike performance with the Phoenix Component System. Experience the same level of engineering in your bar, stem, grips, seat post and saddle as is found in every Pivot Cycles mountain bike design.

Pivot Cycles is known for leading the industry in frame stiffness and ride quality. Now, riders can further upgrade their cycling experience by eliminating the problems of handlebar vibration, grip positioning/slippage, and saddle discomfort. The Phoenix Component System upgrade is designed to improve control and comfort on every ride.


The Phoenix Component System exceeds the demands of industry leading test protocols, the most brutal series of tests for components available. Going far beyond the demands of basic EN testing, this is a series of six tests for handlebars, stems and seatposts that push any component system to the limit in real world riding simulations.

• Offset Impact test
• Climbing Test
• Cross Country test
• Hard Climbing test
• Downhill Test
• Jump impact test


Why 35mm?
For the best ride quality, your handlebar needs to provide both comfort and control, while your stem needs to provide stiffness and precision. The Phoenix Team oversize 35mm cockpit is designed to work as a complete system that maximizes stiffness and control where it benefits the rider most while at the same time, providing the perfect amount of shock absorption and vibration damping for your hands and upper body. Our new Phoenix Enduro/Trail and XC/Trail stems provide the ultimate connection between your bar and fork while our new 35mm carbon bar features our own tuned ride design, providing an ultra-stiff center section for the stem clamp interface.

Why PadLoc?
The PadLoc system increases a rider’s comfort on the bike, by isolating the part of the hand that takes the majority of abuse on descents via a vibration-reducing pad at the outside of the grip. At the same time, riders gain superior control through the unique Phoenix grip design: ultra-soft durometer, dual compound material in a deep hexagon pattern that emulates the comfort of a larger diameter grip with small grip control. With this unique design, over 3 years in development, the Phoenix PadLoc grips conform perfectly to the rider’s hands with maximum amount of shock absorption and control.


The Phoenix Team range of saddles and seatposts is designed to increase performance on a wide range of bike types. XC and endurance racers love the vibration reducing design of the Phoenix Team Seatpost, long travel riders get the advantages of big wheels without tire buzz when they install the Phoenix WTB Hightail Saddle and the Phoenix WTB Vigo and Volt saddles are all around high quality solutions for everything from Enduro to XC. The common thread is that every component in the range is the absolute highest quality, designed to improve every day on the trail.

Phoenix Component System Features...

  • Complete cockpit system increases comfort and control on any bike.
  • Ultra high end engineering testing and production methods
  • Handlebar, stem and seatpost models surpass six industry leading testing protocols - far beyond the demands of EN testing
  • Unique saddle design solves the tire-buzz issue on long travel, big wheel and small frame trail, enduro and downhill bikes
  • Available for individual purchase and on select Pivot complete bikes
  • Complete Phoenix Team handlebar, stem, grip system weight as low as 445g

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