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The M4X is the ultimate dual slalom / 4X / short travel dirt jump bike, with trail bike capabilities.

The M4X rails berms and flows through corners – that’s a given and proven by Bernard Kerr’s King of Crankworx crown and Emilie Siegenthaler’s dual slalom prowess. What is truly surprising, is that the same characteristics that make it confidence inspiring in the air and on every landing also make it an incredibly fun trail bike. It’s exhilarating to shred a technical trail on an M4X with its razor sharp, accurate handling and heroic “flickability”. As our pro riders have said, “You can see a corner approaching, enter, and suddenly you’ve exited at double the speed.”

The M4X is the do-it-all bike for dirt jumps, slalom, pump track and technical trails. The 4 inches of dw-link® tuned suspension, Pivot’s renowned frame stiffness, and ideal slalom geometry culminate in a bike that flows through corners and takes any massive landing you throw at it. If carving berms, hitting jumps and going big are the goal, this bike is the solution.

We take quality and workmanship seriously at Pivot, and know that the details are what make a great rider experience. Every Pivot Cycles frame undergoes thorough quality control check to ensure that the only thing you need to think about is the ride.

M4X Features

  • Dw-link® suspension design with position-sensitive anti-squat, tuned for instant acceleration and superior control while railing corners and boosting jump faces.
  • New Adaptive Logic RP23 Kashima shock with custom M4X slalom/dirt jump Boost valve and compression tuning.
  • 142mm rear spacing with 12mm through axle and 160mm post mount dropouts for maximum frame stiffness.
  • Additional cable routing for dropper seat posts.
  • ISCG 05 mounts.
  • 1.5” tapered head tube.
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Geometry Chart

geometry graphic
ASeat Tube Length (C-T)15.0015.00
BTop Tube Length22.3023.50
CHead Tube Length4.504.50
DHead Tube Angle67.50°67.50°
ESeat Tube Angle72.00°72.00°
FChain Stay Length16.5016.50
GBottom Bracket Height12.5012.50
HStandover Height25.5025.50

Values in inches    CM

Graphics, colors, and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
Graphics, colors, and specifications are subject to change without prior notification..

Product Reviews


PinkBike.com’s Pivot M4X Review

07.29.2013 | Online Media

While 4X racing may have slipped out of the limelight it once enjoyed as part of the UCI World Cup, the 4X Pro Tour has been taking up the slack, and the Sea Otter dual slalom continues to be a fan favorite. To meet the needs of four-cross racers and dirt jump/slopestyle riders looking for a stiff, short travel bike, Pivot created the M4X. With 100mm of travel utilizing a dw-link suspension design, the M4X is...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which size bike should I purchase?

To ensure the best sizing, we recommend that you visit your local Pivot dealer to get a professional fit and refer to our geometry chart to check your measurements. However, we can provide a rough guideline:

Small: 4'10" – 5’9”
Large: 5'9" – 6’4”

What bottom bracket is used on the M4X and which cranks are compatible?

The M4X uses a threaded 73mm shell that is compatible with just about every possible MTB crank in the market.

What hub/wheel spacing does the M4X use?

The M4X uses the 142mm X 12mm hub/wheel spacing. Our custom 12mm DT Swiss axle is included with the frame. The axle is based off of Shimano’s 12mm through axle specifications for length and thread pitch so if you were ever to lose your axle, a Shimano or Shimano compatible axle will work properly as well.

What is the thread pitch on the rear axle?

Pivot uses a 1.5 thread pitch on the rear thru axle.

What size seatpost does the M4X use?

The M4X frame uses a 30.9mm seatpost.

What size seat clamp does the M4X use?

The M4X frame uses a 34.9mm or 35mm (as some manufacturers call it) seatpost clamp.

Can I use a dropper post with this frame?

Yes. Any dropper post with external routing will work on this frame.

Can I put a front derailleur on my M4X?

No. The frame is not designed to accommodate a front derailleur and does not have cable stops.

Can I mount a chain guide on my M4X?

Yes. The frame is equipped with ISCG-05 tabs, so most chain-guides that are made for ISCG-05 tabs should work.

What headset do I need for the M4X?

The M4X uses a ZS (zero stack) 44mm top and (zero stack) 56mm bottom, or a Chris King Inset 2.

How wide of a tire can I run on the M4X?

We use the Maxxis Ardent Race 2.2 in our complete bike builds. However, the M4X is designed to easily accept most 2.3 tires in the market. For instance, a Maxxis High-Roller II 2.3 fits with plenty of clearance. For 2.35 tires in the market, many will fit, but rim width and tire manufacture sizing call outs and tire inconsistency can result in huge difference among both tire brands and individual tires. For anything beyond a 2.3, we suggest you check the fit with your chosen rim and tire combination to make sure it has proper clearance before riding.

How large of a rotor will fit on the M4X?

The M4X will clear either a 160mm or 180mm rotor.

What type of rear brake adapter do I need?

No brake adapter is needed for a 160mm rotor. However, many manufacturers make adapters for larger rotor sizes, in which case you would need a 160mm direct mount/ post to post adapter.

What is the eye-to-eye shock length and stroke length on the M4X?

The eye-to-eye shock length on the M4X is 6.5 inches and the stroke length is 1.5 inches.

What travel fork can I use on my M4X?

We recommend a 100-120mm travel fork on the M4X although the frame uses the same tube set as the Firebird and can handle forks up to 150mm.

If I want to run a different brand of shock on my M4X, what else do I need to know?

The M4X shock uses M8 through bolt hardware on both the front and rear. Shock spacer dimensions are 22mm wide front and 36mm wide rear. The frame is designed around a standard size air can volume and we typically medium valving on the compression side (depending on rider weight) and light rebound damping.

Can I put a coil-over shock on my M4X?

You cannot run a coil-over on your M4X! The Mach M4X was designed to work with the progressiveness of an air spring. A coil-over shock (even one with separate bottoming control) does not offer the progressive spring curve that the M4X requires. Running a coil-over shock on the M4X will result in hard bottoming and damage to the frame.

What are the torque specs?

A detailed PDF of the torque specs can be found under the "Tech Specs" tab.