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Pivot Firebird Review, Bicycling Mag: the Best Enduro Bike?

02.24.2017 | News


Is the Pivot Firebird the Best Enduro Mountain Bike?

Check out this Pivot Firebird review from Bicycling Magazine: “One of the most abused enduro bike clichés is, “It climbs like a cross-country bike and descends like a downhill bike.” From the standpoints of geometry, weight, and rolling resistance, that probably won’t ever happen—but Pivot’s completely redesigned carbon Firebird gets us closer to that grail than any bike I’ve ever ridden.”

Bicycling’s Ron Koch is one of the best testers in bikes – his moto skills, DH chops and XC capabilities make him the perfect person to put the firebird through it’s paces.


What was his final take on the Pivot Firebird review?

“If your idea of the perfect ride involves charging down trails that would be a challenge to even walk, and pedaling to the top of a mountain to access them, you’d have a tough time finding a better tool for the job” Check out the full review in Bicycling Magazine, available at your local bike shop!

We at Pivot Cycles believe that we make the best enduro and trail mountain bikes, period. Check out the Firebird, Switchblade, Mach 6 Carbon and Mach 6 Aluminum, and Mach 429 trail models.

About the Pivot Firebird

The Firebird is the no-compromise, Holy Grail of long travel mountain bikes – both an enduro bike that devours park runs and a technical climber that relishes huge lines and blazing descents. Building on its reputation as the bike for all-day missions on black diamond terrain, the Firebird features Phoenix DH-inspired long reach measurements combined with a 65-degree head angle to deliver unmatched stability and handling.

For enduro racers, the tough and light Firebird’s peerless climbing traction, descending capability and instant acceleration makes this the perfect choice for the steep courses of the Enduro World Series. For park riders, the Firebird’s long front-center and short chainstay combination provides that nimble, snappy feel that encourages bold line choices while staying fully in control at World Cup speeds.


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